How it works: A Peddler Story

How it works: A Peddler Story

Find something you love

This is Pete. He’s had his eye on a new camera but it’s very expensive online.

Post it on

Pete takes the link for the camera and posts it on Peddler because he wants a better deal.

Get the word out

Pete knows that when others are interested, he’ll get a great offer. He makes it popular by sharing his camera with other Peddlers, who join his crowd.

Merchant offers roll in

Merchants don’t want to miss out on all these potential customers, so they make great offers for Pete and the others to choose from.

Join the crowd and buy together

The crowd is notified straight away and before you know it, buyers from all over the world are joining in to drive the price down.

Everyone wins

Pete and his new friends get their camera for a great price. Using the power of the crowd, you can get all the things you want for less.

Ready to explore?

Ready to explore?

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